Community Betterment

Community Betterment

The cornerstone of Sarmaya Capital Corp.’s investment strategy is that of Community Betterment. This concept, of creating additional amenities, structures or services for the communities of people living in Sarmaya buildings, is based on the notion of doing well while doing good. The aim is to better the lives of the communities in which we invest, while simultaneously differentiating Sarmaya investments within the marketplace and increasing overall returns for investors.

Sarmaya communities will be known as places that are well run with more services and amenities for their residents than comparable properties and we strive to brand them as such. By building and expanding this brand of Community Betterment within all Sarmaya properties we seek to find added returns for our investors upon refinancing, sale or valuation of our investments.

The belief that while the investments are assets belonging to The Sarmaya Partnerships, they are fundamentally communities in which people live. Improving those communities will improve the lives of the residents, but in the belief of Sarmaya Capital Corp., doing so will provide better, longer and more sustainable returns on investment as well.

The vision of Community Betterment is to be driven by the investment while simultaneously driving the investment.

More specifically, a percentage of the proceeds from the investment allocated to rehabilitation will be used to create or improve community spaces or services- driven by the investment.

The aim is that in return, there will be an increase in ROI and yield, as assessed and stabilized values increase, occupancy and rent increase and tenant loyalty and retention increase- driving the investment.

The goal is to create a world class, identifiable and acknowledged brand both for tenants and investors.

Investors will seek Sarmaya investments for the returns, ownership of US assets and the knowledge that they are improving thousands of lives.

Tenants will seek Sarmaya assets because they know they will be living in best-in-class buildings in which their wellbeing actually comprises part of the landlord’s bottom line.